Repricing Strategies

Jason Sheehan
Dec 12, 2018
3 min read

On your profile page under the Repricing settings, you can set the default repricing strategy. This will determine how Amz-Scraper will reprice your items when the cost of the source changes.

You can choose from 4 different strategies:

  1. Preserve Profit:

The software reprices the items and keeps the profit above the amount or percentage that you determined. The profit calculation is considering all the parameters you specified in the profile page, like your fees, shipping costs, or discounts.

   2. Preserve Markup:
Markup is basically the difference between your price on Amazon and the supplier's price. for example, If you sell the item for 28$ and it costs 20$ the markup will be 8$ which is 40%. The software reprices the items and keeps the markup above the amount or percentage that you determined. just without

    3. Beat lowest - Min profit
The software reprices your items to always be the lowest offer (in order to win the Buy Box). You need to specify the minimum profit you want, so the software will know when to stop undercutting. it can be determined by a certain amount or by a percentage.

    4. Beat lowest - Min markup
Same as beat lowest - min profit but without considering fees and shipping costs.

If you want to change the default repricing strategy, you can always change it to your profile page at the software.

Click on your username on the top right corner > My Profile > Scroll down to Repricing > Choose the repricing strategy you want > Determine a minimal profit > Choose a percentage or a fixed dollar amount > Scroll down > Save.


If you change your default repricing strategy it won't change the repricing strategy of all the products you already uploaded and are monitored by the software.
to change it to the existing products you should go to 'My items' > choose as many products as you like > Click on edit listings > Tracking.

If you want to select all of the products, click on "edit listings" WITHOUT selecting any items.

It will ask you if you wish to select ALL the listing.

Finally, go to the "tracking" tab and change the repricing strategy to whichever you want. Click Save.

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