How To Make Your Dropshipping Business Safe From Amazon’s Suspensions

Jason Sheehan
Apr 4, 2022
2min read

With about five million sellers reporting up to a 50% increase in their sales after joining Amazon's marketplace, Amazon can afford to be extremely stringent with their rules. Suspending dropshipping businesses that flaunt even the tiniest rule wouldn't even affect their bottom line in the end because there are a ton of others waiting in line as replacements.

Although following the rules isn't difficult, it can be a tedious task to handle all on your own, primarily because there's really no room for mistakes. But things aren't all so grim on that front because if your dropshipping business is managed by cutting-edge software that understands the rules, then you can rest assured that your chances of suspension will reduce drastically. But before we talk about the powerful tool that can manage all of that for you, let's first take a look at some of the reasons Amazon suspends sellers.

Advertising and Selling Fairly Used Products as New 

This is something that is frowned upon by Amazon, and it is one you'll have to avoid. The problem is that you may not know the difference since a product that is used like new may appear just like the new ones. So, here are a few things to watch out for: 

  • Brand new products come in their original packaging and contain the original wrappings inside instead of 'Used – Like New' that may come without the wrapping. 
  • New products also come with a manufacturer's warranty, but that won't be the case for 'Used – Like New.' 
  • The new products also have the details of the manufacturer's warranty as part of the product listing comments; if the item is 'Used – Like New,' that's not something you'll find. 

Also, remember that you won't be able to check these things for yourself, so it's better to buy your items from reputable sources whose item descriptions can be trusted and meet Amazon's guidelines. 

Exceeding a 1% Order Defect Rate

If your product is reported to have defects and the rate exceeds 1%, Amazon would most likely suspend your account. You can avoid this if you constantly check and assess your feedback. Amazon will see it as bribery if you try to offer compensation to customers to have negative feedback removed. Instead of that, just provide concessions, even if you're not at fault. You need to understand that even if you win the dispute, the fact that it ever existed can still weigh down on your metrics. 

Sending Incomplete Products

This is one problem drop shippers face, not because they deliberately want to send an incomplete product, but because they simply do not research the product page properly. Some of the sources you get products from may have catalog pages, and there are usually some additional items that are part of the same listing. Not correctly checking it would result in reselling a product that is not according to the buyers' expectations. No one likes to pay for items and wait for shipping only to receive incomplete products. This will surely count against you and can have your account suspended. To ensure thorough product research, you should consider making use of product research software. It's your best bet to avoid a situation like this. 

Shipping Items Late

When it comes to shipping items, it's better to ensure that's done as soon as possible. If your product records a late shipment rate exceeding even just 4%, an account suspension is undoubtedly not far off. And with Amazon's ever-growing metrics to assess shipments and tracking, you won't be able to escape being penalized if found wanting. 

You now need to pay attention to your late shipment rate and the return dissatisfaction rate, late response rate, and the rate at which you reject returns. All these tasks are both tedious and time-consuming, but you're going to have to do them all to remain in Amazon's good books. 

The Only Solution You Need

The good news is that you don't have to worry about all of these things because there's a robot whose key algorithm is to ensure that only the best quality products following Amazon's guidelines are what you offer. Think of it as your one-stop solution for helping your business avoid dealing with Amazon suspension. Amz-scraper will source out the best-selling products in dropshipping stores, help you make the most in arbitrage profits, and manage your inventory. In addition to being optimized with the best product sourcing metrics, it also has access to a huge database and constantly keeps itself up to date, so you don't have to worry about that. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately, despite the tedious nature of Amazon's terms, it's all done to ensure the best practices. And if you do things the proper way, you won't nearly be within reach of Amazon's suspension spree. All the things you need to pay attention to, from properly sourcing products that are in line with Amazon's guidelines to ensuring impeccable order completion and customer satisfaction, are things that can be managed by sophisticated software. A software like Amz-Scraper that uses a robot to do the tedious work for you is the perfect power tool for anyone looking to have long-term success in the dropshipping business.