Kickstart Your Online Business Empire Like Jeff Bezos and Become Profitable in No Time With Amz-Scraper

Jason Sheehan
Apr 4, 2022
2min read

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make more money by working less? Well, with Amz-Scraper, you can now find out what it would be like firsthand. If you're someone who's looking to get into the Amazon dropshipping business, then this app is for you.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, the most important thing is getting on the first page and having a great product but letting it go at a reasonable price. Managing to achieve that consistently is no mean feat, but the good news is that we've got an app that can do most of that heavy lifting for you.

What Is Amz-Scraper and How Does It Work?

As described above, Amz-Scraper is a program that takes the thinking out of selling on Amazon. This application is designed to do most of the hard work and thinking for you. With several satisfied customers sharing their stories about boosted sales and simpler operations, Amz-Scraper has proven to be a pretty efficient method of increasing your selling power online through its easy-to-use and powerful functions.

  • With Amz-Scraper, you get an online robot programmed with an algorithm that will help you build your business. This includes finding the best and most profitable products to sell. The robot scans various online shopping and retail websites and brings you the best-selling products. All you have to do then is simply choose what you want to have on your Amazon seller's account.

  • When it comes to retail sources, Amz-Scraper has all the bases covered. You have the option of sourcing products from various online retailers serving multiple markets and product types. These include online stores like eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, B&H, Lowe's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Zoro, among countless others. The only thing you need to do is know the product you're going to sell so that you can write compelling sales copy about it.

  • There's no need to fuss about where stock is, what it costs, and whether there is stock or not. With Amz-Scraper, all you have to do is fill your inventory with one click, and the rest is left to the robot. It will scan the source retailers daily to determine stock availability, and if there are any price changes, all you have to do is monitor and decide whether you want to find another product that is better priced or available.

  • Not sure what you want your mark-up to be? With Amz-Scraper, all you have to do is choose a strategy that suits you, and the rest happens automatically. The robot algorithm sets your prices based on your selected plan, and Amz-Scraper will even update yours accordingly if the source retailer changes the original pricing. 

  • Want to test Amz-Scraper for yourself? Then why not try the 7-days free trial. You get all of the features described above for seven days. If you are satisfied with the service, then there is a barebone option priced at $59.95 per month that offers advanced competitor research, exports items to CSV, and 24/7 support. Alternatively, there is an all-in-one option priced on how much stock you have in inventory. This offers the full service of competitors' research, multiple suppliers, price monitoring, lister, stock monitoring, and repricing.

How To Boost Your Sales Game Manually

This is where you come in; you can make your product more appealing with some simple and easy writing and selling skills. Remember, the Amz-Scraper takes most of the time-consuming admin tasks out of the way, leaving you with the role of making the product an attractive buy. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • To be top of the Amazon rankings, you need good photos. Sometimes this is out of your hands, especially since Amz-Scraper is finding the products for you, but Amazon allows sellers to update pictures, so if you feel an image isn't up to scratch, just replace it with a better one.

  • Any salesperson worth their while has the gift of gab. You need to make some compelling points if you want your products to sell. Make sure your copy sounds professional, persuasive, and has the right keywords to put your product at the top of the search results.

  • Don't plan around pricing. All that's going to happen is you're going to drop your price until you can't drop it any further, to the detriment of your profit margin. There are other ways of making a product attractive, plus if your competitor goes too low, customers may think it's too good to be true and go for your one instead.

  • Encourage people to leave reviews. It may seem like a burden, but the more people who review your products, the more new customers would go for them because word of mouth is the best sales pitch. 

In Conclusion

Dropshipping has quickly become the new way for entrepreneurs to make money, and more and more people are getting into it. With Amz-Scraper, you can gain an instant advantage over your competitors, especially those who aren't using it. So go ahead and let Amz-scraper take care of most of the heavy lifting as you get to kick back, relax and focus on taking your business to the next level.