Jason Sheehan
Dec 12, 2019
3 min read

This feature allows you to limit the number of sales, or monetary incomes in a day.

For example, if for any reason you want to limit your incomes today to maximum 5000$, or limit the number of sales to maximum 50.

The moment you reach the number you set, the software will automatically set all of your items to Out Of Stock, and you will see next to ‘Current Status’ Active.

While the AutoBlock is active, you will also see this 🚫 icon at the quantity column on 'My Items' page.

The software automatically resets the AutoBlock feature everyday at midnight, PDT timezone.

In case you want to Manually Override you can click on ‘Force Block Now’ to Block the sales and set all the items to Out Of Stock. and click on ‘Force Release Now’ to release the block.

Also Manually Override actions will be reset everyday at midnight, PDT timezone.