30 Days, 100K by Aaron Goldsten

Aaron Goldsten
Dec 12, 2018
3 min read

Meet Aaron, one of our most successful clients in the Amz-Scraper community. As an entrepreneur whose work includes phone flipping and drop shipping, he has been able to scale his business to over 100k in monthly sales by utilizing Amz-Scraper.

We would like to share with you Aaron’s inspirational story and demonstrate how Amz-Scraper can advance your e-commerce enterprise.

“Three years ago I was dead broke, getting those $35 BOA overdraft letters in the mail, working a job I hated making $11 an hour.”

Fast forward to today and Aaron just finished off this month with over 105k in total sales for his Amazon store, in which his net profit grew to about $8,000. Last month he also netted 8k in profit and the month before that was close to 6k.

If you’ve been closely following his Facebook stories for the past seven months, besides his food pictures, you’ve probably seen numerous posts where he deep dives into his Amazon business. In these Facebook stories you can read about how he has created 20 different scripts for various customer service scenarios and how he more than doubled the profit of his store since December. How did he achieve this? We asked Aaron himself.

“I'm not selling phones or electronics on Amazon. Now this business model has more risks than phone flipping but more benefits as well.”

“On Amazon things have to be pretty much perfect, the room for error is very low, plus there’s always the risk of Amazon freezing your account and holding your money.”

Furthermore, as Aaron explained, you will need money to fund this type of business up front to buy products, but there are great gains to be had.

In December he employed two full time virtual assistants-now he has six. The VA’s run the entire store; products sell on Amazon and the VA’s fulfill the orders and answer customers’ questions, along with processing all other technical aspects of the business.

Aaron manages the entire operation and says that because there are many more moving parts to this business than phone flipping, “we have six full time VA’s in the team now.”

One of the benefits to Amz-Scraper is the automation.

Aaron’s store is automated by Amz-Scraper, so he spends only five hours a week watching the store just to make sure everything is running smoothly and fine tunes little things when necessary.

“Today I woke up, checked the store and saw I made $180 in profit while sleeping. I went to the park, I’m here now writing this and since I’ve been up I made an extra $120 in profit, so $300 in profit so far today. I’ll make at least an extra $100 more in profit from the store before the day is over, all automated-items will sell, VA’s will fulfill the orders, all due to automation.”

In the beginning Aaron spent about 20-30 hours a week on the store. Many weeks he would speak with some of his VA’s around 3-4 hours at a time, reviewing orders, implementing new processes, teaching excellent customer service and in some cases, even firing VA’s.

“I try to have a good relationship with my VA’s. For example, if there's a small improvement I can make in the way a VA communicates with a customer, I don't just tell the VA what to do, I explain it in a way they understand.”

In order to build a good relationship with his VA’s, Aaron has been undergoing training on how to be a good manager. “Your virtual assistants are humans. They have feelings and emotions. It’s important to build good relationships with them by doing a variety of different key things.”

Although Aaron has been extremely successful with his Amazon store, he still picks up phones and electronics, since, “as soon as you net 100k a year you realize it’s not enough.” Aaron’s tip for a successful business is “time, consistency and the right action is the key to getting most things you want in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not where I want to be in life, but I just work on trying to get a bit better each day.”