Become an Amazon Buy Box Winner & How To Get It

Jason Sheehan
Apr 4, 2022
2min read

Amazon is the largest online retail website in the world. The e-commerce behemoth ships 18.5 orders per second and dispatches sales of up to $385 million per day. Needless to say, there are plenty of business opportunities for sellers on Amazon. When used correctly, it's a highly profitable platform, so how do the best vendors manage to stay ahead of the competition? With the help of an exclusive Amazon feature and a fantastic tool.

Successfully selling products on Amazon takes a lot of hard work and expertise. But to really make it in such a contentious industry, it's also important to have access to the exclusive Amazon Buy Box. This feature isn't available to most of the website's users, but it can help to make or break an Amazon-based business. So how do you get Amazon Buy Box for your business? All you need is Amz-scraper, but more on that later.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is a feature on the Amazon website that allows customers to add items to their carts so they can eventually purchase them. It's a handy tool for buyers and sellers alike, as it helps to speed up the sales process substantially. However, there's a catch.

The Amazon Buy Box isn't available for all Amazon vendors; they must earn it. To determine which users can have access to the Amazon Buy Box, Amazon uses a series of metrics to evaluate a seller's performance. The best are then rewarded with access to the Amazon Buy Box, which gives them a significant competitive edge.

If you're trying to make money on Amazon, access to the Amazon Buy Box is a must. But before we talk about which tool you can use to help you in the process, first, let's go over how you can convince Amazon that you're a top seller.

Amazon Buy Box Eligibility: The Main Criteria

Amazon's algorithm determines Amazon Buy Box eligibility. For that reason, it's impossible to know each and every in-and-out of the process. However, these are believed to be the main criteria that Amazon's algorithm uses for their vendor performance evaluation:

  1. Expertise

More experienced sellers with a higher volume of sales will be more qualified to gain access to the Amazon Buy Box.

  1. Order defect rate

Based on customer chargeback and feedback. Vendors with a reputation for selling defective products will have a tough time being rewarded with Amazon Buy Box.

  1. Overall customer experience

Do your products get to the client on time? Are they sensibly priced? Do you offer customer service to customers? These are just some of Amazon's metrics used to evaluate the overall customer experience. Sellers who perform better in this area are more likely to get access to the Amazon Buy Box.

In a nutshell, Amazon's algorithm is designed to determine one thing: which vendors are performing well enough to be awarded the Amazon Buy Box? The algorithm is highly effective, which means that vendors who want to have access to the Amazon Buy Box should strive to meet the website's performance criteria.

Doing so, however, may not be that simple. The competition is fierce, the market vast, and total client satisfaction isn't easy to come by in today's saturated e-commerce world. This is where Amz-Scraper comes in.

What is Amz-Scraper, and Why Do You Need It?

The vast majority of successful Amazon-based businesses are dropshipping businesses. Dropshipping is a form of retail selling wherein sellers accept orders for goods they don't keep in stock. If used correctly, dropshipping is an e-commerce golden goose: it's all of the profit without the expensive hassle of renting and operating a warehouse.

The Amz-Scraper dropshipping tool can help you to boost your Amazon sales and increase your chances of getting access to the exclusive Amazon Buy Box. In sum, it's easy-to-use and relies on a substantial product-sourcing database to help you to find the best bargains and the most popular products in the market.

Amz-Scraper is like a helpful online assistant that provides you with all the information you need to make decisions about your dropshipping business on the hour. It also helps guide your choices and allows you to deal with a higher sales volume. In addition, it features an inventory manager and a repricing tool.

The Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

To get access to the Amazon Buy Box, you'll be competing with major retailers and companies that have huge volumes of sales. This means you should get all the help you need. Amz-Scraper can help you to detect retail opportunities at a scale that you and your team alone would simply be unable to deal with. Since its launch, this incredible tool has helped Amazon vendors sell over 8 million items.