Items Sold Through Amz-Scraper
Competitor's Items Scraped
Total Profit Made
Naeem Jutt,
Hands down the best, easiest to use, and awesome support! We do over $1 MM and AMZ-Scraper is essential to our business. It's our first choice, the recommendation for our students.
Aaron Goldstein, YouTube Influencer
The month before I found Amz-Scraper I did $950 in profit. The first month using Amz-Scraper I did $4,500 in profit. This software changes the game and is a complete dropshipping tool for the serious entrepreneur.
Eva Dobilas, Ecom Navigator
It’s so much easier than other inventory management software out there and not to mention that one price covers not just inventory management, but sourcing and order management! And to top it all, customer service is awesome!
Erez Malka,
Since the day I used AMZ-Scraper my business on Amazon has become easy and much more profitable. AMZ-Scraper Has everything in one Place. This is definitely the best drop shipping tool for Amazon sellers.

Find what to sell

Find products to sell with online arbitrage profits. We will scan competitor stores to locate their best-selling products and match them with products on retail websites.
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HUGE database for product sourcing

Work parallely with multiple retailers for better product sourcing. The more websites you use for product sourcing the more online opportunities you get.
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Inventory manager

Add products to your store in one click, don’t worry about out-of-stock or price changes - they are updated automatically.
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Always stay ahead of the curve with smart pricing strategies that wins the Amazon Buy Box. Choose between different repricing strategies, change strategies in a click of a button.
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