Overstock as a Drop Shipping Supplier

Jason Sheehan
Oct 23, 2020
4 min read

Dropshipping from Overstock is perfect for Amazon dropshippers because it's free & fast shipping to the US. In this post, you will get all the information you need to start working with Overstock TODAY!

1) Shipping

The shipping on Overstock costs 4.95$. Under 45$ it will be free. By using Club O program, you will always have free shipping So you can send all of the products without considering shipping costs and fees, which allows you to be much more competitive with your pricing!

2) Only Five Shipping Days

The products are located inside the US, so the shipping will be up to 5 shipping days to any location in the United States.

3) Customer Support

You can access the live chat, email or phone call by going to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Customer Care“. Quick and easy!

4) Paying using a Credit card or PayPal

If you also get money by PayPal, you can use PayPal and pay directly on Overstock without worrying about money transfer and pay extra fees.

5) Fewer Taxes

You don’t have to pay taxes to most of the states in the United States. Overstock doesn’t have warehouses in all of the states, so in many cases, you won’t need to pay taxes. Thus the amount of taxes that you have to pay is low when we work with Overstock as a dropshipping supplier.

6) Club O Program

The club O program is Overstock’s loyalty program where you can first try for 30 days for free, and then it’s just $19.95 for a year. By using this program, you will have free returns and free shipping for all of the products. You will also get 5% cashback for any Overstock order which allows you to get even more profit per sale.

7) Price Match Guarantee

Overstock promising to give the lowest prices in the market for Club O members. So if you find the product cheaper in any other store, you can contact Overstock and get money back for the price difference. It allows you to always be the cheapest for any specific product.

8) Return Policy

According to Overstock’s return policy, you have 30 days returns, but after 30 days, Overstock still offers you a partial refund.

9) Competition

Not a lot of people use Overstock as their main supplier which means less competition, more exclusive products for you and more sales, so what are you waiting for?

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