How to Find the Right Virtual Assistants

Jason Sheehan
Apr 4, 2022
3min read

Life as a drop shipper can be exciting and amazing, yet challenging. It doesn't even matter how small or big the business is; managing it can be more time-consuming and harder than most people think. This is why a lot of drop shippers assume that growing their business and making much more profits will be a complex and laborious process. However, it doesn't have to be. Thanks to Amz-Scraper, you're about to discover that expanding your operations is easier than you thought.

How? You can outsource the responsibilities that you don't have to do yourself. 

By finding skilled, cost-effective candidates to take on the customer service, ordering, and sourcing activities, you create even more time to grow your dropshipping business and get involved in other rewarding activities. 

As a company totally vested in making dropshipping as easy and profitable as possible, Amz-Scraper is providing a full overview of how to outsource tasks for your Amazon dropshipping business effectively and affordably. 

Before hiring virtual workers, please ask them: 

  • Have you ever worked for a foreign company before? 
  • Is there anything else you're doing? 
  • If so, where are you employed, and for how many hours? 
  • Will you work from home or not? 
  • Is your internet good? 
  • Do you have electronic devices to carry out your tasks?

Doing this is essential so you can know what to expect from your workers and how much of their time and energy they'll give to the job.

Now that that's out of the way let's dive in!

Outsourcing Inventory Management

Whoever said inventory is like math homework you don't want to do but still have to was correct. Imagine trying to learn math virtually. How hard is that? With no physical warehouse, inventory management is no mean feat. However, you can ease that difficulty by outsourcing this. 

Your ordering representative acts as a virtual warehouse manager, managing the numerous machinations involved in the arrival and departure of various products. 

If you want to find and hire the best candidate, it's best to ask these questions: 

  • What methods do you use to manage and prioritize your tasks? 
  • Has your meticulous attention to detail influenced any of your past clients or employers? 
  • If yes, how? 
  • How do you make sure your paperwork is accurate?

While the efficiency of your candidate matters, you can afford to really relax if you decide to use Amz-Scraper's smart inventory manager. The tool makes the job significantly more manageable, whether you're doing it yourself or outsourcing it to someone else. 

Outsourcing Customer Service 

Many things should attract a customer to your business, but the one thing that takes the cake is the customer satisfaction you offer, and this should always be foremost in the mind of your customer service representative. 

Finding this person will be the best decision you will ever make because you eliminate one very important block on your mind when you do. Instead, you will be able to concentrate on the growth of your business. 

To ensure you hire the best candidate, remember to ask these questions: 

  • Which business do you believe provides the best customer service? 
  • Why do you think so? 
  • What should you do if you have a problem that your policy doesn't cover? 
  • Have you ever refused a request from a valued customer? 
  • What went wrong? 

Outsourcing Product Sourcing 

If you find researching stressful, we've got the best solution for you, and it's really simple advice really; hire someone to do that for you! 

Sourcing is a task that involves a great deal of product research. By hiring the right person, you'll not only save time, but you'll also save money on valuable products. 

When looking for the best person to handle your sourcing, consider asking these questions: 

  • Have you ever obtained data from a variety of sources? 
  • What criteria did you use to choose which categories to source from? 
  • Is data analysis one of your strong suits? 
  • What is the strength of your sourcing abilities? 

One place you can focus all of your product sourcing efforts is Amz-Scraper. With a massive and organized database of valuable products, you'd significantly spend less time than you usually would finding the right products.


Training Your Team 

Due to the nature of remote work, it's usually almost impossible to hold a physical training session for new team members. Wipe that frown off your face. 

The world is changing; change with it! What you can do is record video tutoring the members of your team on how to go about their jobs the right way. 

You can also create extensive documents detailing all it is they could possibly need to carry out their jobs. They can reuse this document time and time again. 

After that, you can hold Q&A sessions for them to ask you questions so you can respond. Now that's easy, isn't it? 

Scheduling Your Team

A wise woman once said solutions create their own problems but guess what? You can solve this problem yourself. Now that you've trained your team, one of the newer, trickier jobs you'll find is arranging daily chores for them. 

To make your job easier, use an online platform that provides features like online timesheets, employee scheduling, and even online invoicing. 

There's nothing more critical than you spelling out your expectations for your virtual team. This makes their work better and helps you have happier employees. 

Scale Your Dropshipping Business With Ease

Yes, you have to put in some work, but dropshipping can actually be a breeze.

By hiring an efficient team of assistants and using a powerful dropshipping tool like Amz-Scraper, you can easily expand your dropshipping business and make much more profits in no time.